Design and typesetting

We have extensive experience of typesetting highly illustrated books, journals and reports. We provide a full page design and layout service, including cover design.

We can typeset large multivolume works comprising several thousand pages as well as short reports. We are comfortable working with your existing templates or type specifications, and equally happy to create our own designs using your brief and brand guidelines.

We use Adobe Creative Cloud for design and typesetting projects. We have created custom scripts to automate parts of the typesetting process, and these can be tailored to individual clients’ needs.

This is complemented by special processes and software for XML and ePub production.

At the end of your project we will produce press-ready or web-optimised PDF files. You can be certain that the press output we supply will have been properly preflighted. We can create web files containing bookmarks, active links, forms and other interactive elements as required. We know how to minimise file size without degrading the appearance of the document.

We are familiar with the technical requirements of many printing companies throughout the UK and Europe. We are happy to liaise with your printers to ensure that the files we send are optimised for their production process. If you don’t have a printer already picked out, we can make recommendations tailored to your needs.


We can draw artwork for you, use an illustrator of your choice or even find and commission a specialist artist, e.g. for maps or anatomical drawings. We can also scan photographs, radiographs and transparencies and edit and enhance scanned images.

We can create charts and infographics from raw data supplied by you. We will make sure that the data are displayed correctly and the story they tell is clear, by choosing appropriate chart types, scales, and colours. We will style charts and infographics to match the overall appearance of the document and ensure that they are in keeping with your brand guidelines.

If you want us to source stock artwork according to a brief, or pick images from your own image library, we can do that too. We will make sure that the images used reflect your brand in a positive way.

We can also work with images and vector art that you or your authors supply. If the quality of the supplied images is poor, we can give advice on what needs to be done to create a better replacement image. And if you genuinely can’t supply anything better, we will do our best to enhance what you have given us.