Prepress Projects Ltd operates as a business and as a member of the local and wider community.

We are committed to integrating sustainable development into everyday practice by minimising environmental impact wherever possible, maximising economic performance and supporting beneficial social and community opportunities. Prepress Projects Ltd promises to:

  • fully comply with environmental legislation and approved codes of environmental practice
  • embed sustainability within our core strategies and business processes
  • promote responsible management of natural resources, including water and energy, and minimise waste and pollution through responsible sourcing and beneficial reuse and recycling activities
  • carry out regular monitoring to ensure that we comply with all current environmental legislation and continue to improve our environmental performance, and make the results available to clients and employees as appropriate
  • follow an ethical approach to procurement, promoting the use of products and services from suppliers whose own sustainability policies are in accord with ours, and encourage our clients to do likewise
  • provide support, including information and training, to staff to help them meet our policy commitments and grow an environmentally friendly culture
  • work in partnership with the local community and authority to raise awareness and improve the local area by participating in environmental initiatives

We will review this policy periodically and update it as necessary.

Adopted in October 2011 and reviewed annually, most recently in October 2023.