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Prepress Projects has over 30 years' experience in editing, proofreading and project management. We offer publishing services to private publishers and public sector organisations throughout Europe and further afield.

Working together

Our experienced editors and project managers come from a variety of life sciences or humanities backgrounds, and we can put together a team specialising in many subject areas.

Happy clients

We aim to go the extra mile to keep you happy. We will draw up a workflow for your documents that fits with your own processes. You will have direct contact with the people working on your documents, and we will always keep you up to date on progress.

High quality

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our quality assurance process is designed to ensure consistent high-quality results.

We specialise in

Life sciences sciences and technology

Healthcare and medicine

Diversity and human rights

The environment

Finance and banking

We are resourceful and able to put together a team of knowledgeable editorial, production or technical staff to meet the needs of unusual projects. 

We work for private and public sector organisations worldwide, including UK public bodies, EU and UN agencies and commercial publishers.

How we can help you

Our services

Editing and proofreading

Our experienced editors take the utmost care over your text. We will make your publications clear, consistent and correct.

Project management

We’ll do it all: from raw copy to press-ready PDF and digital files. We will coordinate with your authors and editors, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Writing and rewriting

Articles, blog posts, reports, speeches: we research and write original copy for you. We can rewrite your text, expanding from notes and bullet points into a full analysis.

Design and illustration

We provide a full page design and illustration service, including cover design. We can design impactful charts and infographics, displaying the data clearly and getting your message across.

Typesetting and layout

We will lay out your text to your specifications, whether it's a short report or a thousand-page book. If you don't have a template, we can create one for you.

Digital services

We can produce XML to JATS or BITS standard, transform it to create other outputs for metadata feeds, and work with repositories such as Crossref, PubMed and NCBI Bookshelf to ensure your work is correctly listed.

Editorial office management

Responsive editorial office management for leading research journals. We can manage peer review, track articles, and provide regular reports.

Supplier management

Printers. Web hosts. Typesetters. We will work with all your other suppliers to keep everything running smoothly.

Consultancy and advice

We can offer training and advice, provide information on current publishing technologies and trends, or create custom workflows to improve quality and turnaround.


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What Clients Say

It’s been wonderful having Prepress Projects on my team – you’re a really great company to work with, not just in how much you do, but the cheeriness with which you do it.
The Royal Society
Thank you for your hard work, flexibility and professional approach to drafting a significant volume of copy. Your energy and insight shines through.
The support that I have received has just been great. We have gone through some difficult and some fun times but the work from Prepress has really helped to ease the pressure and enhance the experience of being an editor.
Editorial office client

Our clients