Prepress Projects has been providing publishing services since 1990 and offers a fully comprehensive, integrated service to meet all your publishing needs.

We specialise in science, current affairs, public sector policy and environmental studies. Our staff have a wide variety of subject specialities and extensive experience of managing projects from unedited copy to final publication, including significant experience of business and public sector publications. We are resourceful and able to put together a team of knowledgeable editorial, production or technical staff to meet the needs of unusual projects.

We believe that an integrated approach is crucial. It is based on:

  • always aiming to meet or exceed clients’ needs
  • recruiting smart and resourceful people with a flair for publishing
  • valuing traditional publishing skills as well as new ones
  • investing in workflows, processes, hardware, software and training that help deliver high-quality results

All our staff are native-level English speakers. We have a great deal of experience in editing and proofreading documents written by non-native English speakers.

Our clients include publishers, UK government departments, EU and UN agencies, and NGOs. We have considerable experience of working for private and public sector organisations worldwide.

We regularly handle confidential material and have comprehensive safeguards in place to protect client data.