We like happy clients

Here is what some of them have to say about us.

[content_band class=”like-blockquote”] [column type=”2/3″][blockquote class=”w-300″ cite=”Editorial office client”]The support that I have received has just been great. We have gone through some difficult and some fun times but the work from PrePress has really helped to ease the pressure and enhance the experience of being an editor. [/blockquote][/column][column type=”1/3″ last=”true”][/column] [/content_band] [clear] [content_band class=”like-blockquote”] [column type=”2/3″][blockquote class=”w-300″ cite=”Radha Dutia, The Royal Society”]It’s been wonderful having Prepress Projects on my team – you’re a really great company to work with, not just in how much you do, but the cheeriness with which you do it.[/blockquote][/column][column type=”1/3″ last=”true”][/column] [/content_band] [clear] [content_band class=”like-blockquote”] [column type=”2/3″][blockquote class=”w-300″ cite=”OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health)”]The Administration, Logistics and Publication Department of the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) is pleased to work with Prepress Projects. Their helpful and friendly approach is very much appreciated as well as their very efficient editing and typesetting of OIE publications, even when working to urgent deadlines.[/blockquote][/column][column type=”1/3″ last=”true”]oie-logotype[/column] [/content_band] [clear] [content_band class=”like-blockquote”] [column type=”2/3″][blockquote class=”w-300″ cite=”UK National Institute for Health Research”]The support from Prepress Projects for the establishment and delivery of the National Institute for Health Research’s Journals Library has been excellent. The team at Prepress Projects has responded to an increasing number of publications, which serve as an important archive of health research funded for the benefit of patients and the public.[/blockquote][/column][column type=”1/3″ last=”true”]NIHR[/column] [/content_band] [clear] [content_band class=”like-blockquote”] [column type=”2/3″][blockquote class=”w-300″ cite=”Alex Pordage, UK National Institute for Health Research”]It has been a pleasure to work with you … thank you for all your support and insight in helping to develop the NIHR Journals Library. Your involvement has been crucial and personally I do not underestimate your part in its success.[/blockquote][/column][column type=”1/3″ last=”true”]NIHR[/column] [/content_band] [clear] [content_band class=”like-blockquote”] [column type=”2/3″][blockquote class=”w-300″ cite=”European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction”]Over the past nine years we have worked with Prepress Projects on a number of complex editing projects and are extremely satisfied with the results. Prepress Projects are strong on scientific terminology, familiar with the EU interinstitutional style guide and adept at dealing with texts written by non-native speakers of English.[/blockquote][/column][column type=”1/3″ last=”true”]EMCDDA[/column] [/content_band] [clear] [content_band class=”like-blockquote”] [column type=”2/3″][blockquote class=”w-300″ cite=”The Royal Society”]There was always someone to cover if our main contact was out of the office for any reason. I was most impressed by the knowledge of your team and how quickly they got to grips with our workflow, systems and processes.[/blockquote][/column][column type=”1/3″ last=”true”][/column] [/content_band] [clear] [content_band] [button href=”https://www.prepress-projects.co.uk/contact/contact-form/”]Contact us to see how we can help you![/button] [/content_band]

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