XML output

We provide XML output for both books and journals, and have extensive experience of providing XML for citation services such as PubMed.


If your publishing programme requires XML output then we can help. If you need a custom DTD, then we can help with that too. And if the XML you need is complex, with lots of attributes and hidden structure, well, we already produce that for other clients.

Talk to us about what you want and why you want it; we may well have solved your XML problem already.


It’s easy to create ePub novels, but ePubs for academic texts containing tables, figures, boxes and equations can pose problems. If you plan to publish academic material on a Kindle or iPad, or another platform, we can offer advice and guidance on the most appropriate route to follow.

If you want to publish using iBooks Author, but don’t know how go about converting your content into a professional iBook, then we can help with that too.