An introduction to reference management

By Rhiannon

Ensuring that all the references are in the correct order, contain all the required information, and are cited in the correct places is a major task in editing. Here’s how we can help, with or without reference management tools.

MacADUK 2019: improving our IT practices

By Rhiannon

Prepress Projects has its own in-house technology team of experienced people who support the IT needs of the company. Rhiannon went to the 2019 Mac Admin and Developer UK conference to learn new and exciting ways to improve our IT systems and workflows.

Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation

By David

We have had Cyber Essentials accreditation for some time. In December 2018 we passed our Cyber Essentials Plus assessment at the first attempt. This involved having our network tested by an external security company┬áto prove that we can keep the bad guys out. Independent experts at Layer 7 IT Security┬áverified that we meet the UK…