In recent years, various committees and groups have come in to existence at Prepress Projects: first the policy review committee and not long after the health and well-being committee (HWBC). We also have a group of health and safety representatives.

Each team has a representative on each of the committees. If anyone is worried about anything related to policies or health and well-being, or if they have suggestions, they can go to their representative, who will anonymously raise the issue in the group. I happen to represent my team in all three groups.

The committees are a great chance to have a positive effect on the company culture and to improve people’s working days. It also adds some more variety to the work I do on a daily basis. Each group has a different set of responsibilities, though issues and ideas do sometimes overlap.

The health and safety representatives keep an eye out for any potential health and safety issues in the office and we perform risk assessments on an annual basis. Though we do have five qualified first aiders in the office, we have also created a designated forum on all things emergency first aid to increase everyone’s awareness of the topic. Our main aim is making sure that the office is a safe place to work in.

The policies committee was particularly active when it was first created. The committee reviewed all existing policies and then suggested changes and clarifications where necessary. Most recently we looked into all the different benefits the company offers and we are currently looking into whether or not peer-to-peer awards would be an option for the company.

I was particularly interested in getting involved with the HWBC and I think it is easy to see the impact the committee has had on the company in the past year. I’d say that our crowning achievement has been getting the vast majority of the company to take part in the Step Count Challenge, which we’re currently in the second round of. The challenge involves trying to increase the number of steps you take on a daily basis and although there is a competitive element to the challenge, in the end it is all about personal improvement and giving people the chance to interact more with colleagues who are part of a different team.

Last time we ran a couple of competitions, including a photo competition and one for the best idea to get more steps in during your workday. This time we’ve come up with some weekly challenges (e.g. ‘go out for a lunchtime walk every day this week’) and it’s been great to see that people are actively taking part.

The HWBC also regularly posts about national awareness day on a variety of topics, for example mental health, stress and the importance of getting enough sleep. These are meant to jog people’s minds to have a quick think about important issues. We’re usually able to link these to existing policies as well, so it’s also a way to show people that if they’re having any issues, that there are policies in place to help.

The HWBC now also has its own health and well-being library, which has many books on general health and well-being, mental health, mindfulness, physical health and food.

All in all, I’m really enjoying being part of the various committees. As work for the different groups doesn’t tend to be urgent, it has been easy to fit it in around work for our clients. Most importantly though, it’s been great to see that the work we do through the committees is actually making a difference.