Editing involves a great deal more than correcting spelling and grammar. However, some text needs an even higher level of intervention, variously described as substantive editing or rewriting. This is especially true of text written by those whose first language is not English and/or which may be read by non-native English speakers. The aim is to improve the content and structure of the text in any way necessary to get the message across. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

We also offer a copywriting service. Our writing experience is broad, covering a range of subjects and aimed at a variety of different readerships (lay or specialist). We can write clear, accurate and user-friendly copy suitable for publication in print or on the web.

Our team of highly qualified writers will produce blogs, web pages, articles or longer pieces that say what you want them to say and will revise as necessary until you are happy with the finished text.

For one important pan-European body, we write blog postings, press releases, web pages and even speeches.

If you want to discuss a potential project, please get in touch.