We can manage your project from beginning to end, from author to XML, from cover to cover.

Whatever your publishing need, we can find a solution, be it conventional copy-editing or custom CSS.

And we’ll never forget that the client comes first. Our staff are trained to coordinate and communicate. They don’t have to be trained to care.

We will coordinate everything and everyone, including:

  • academic authors and editors
  • writers and journalists
  • copy-editors, proofreaders and indexers
  • designers and illustrators
  • typesetters
  • software and web developers
  • advertisers
  • printers and distributors

We can also construct custom production workflows that promote quality and productivity. These workflows can include automation based on small apps or scripts that we create in-house.

Saving just 1 hour of time per person per day in a complex production process can amount to many hours saved each week or month, and our apps have often saved more time than that for our clients. And it isn’t all about saving time: a¬†well-designed workflow, or a carefully constructed app, can help achieve higher levels of quality compared with processes where people have no automation or tools to help get the job done.