If you need help with improving and preparing complex copy before publication then this is the service to choose. We will aim to make your publications clear, consistent and correct.

The publications we work on are mostly, but not exclusively, on subjects such as:

  • animal health
  • banking and finance
  • biochemistry
  • drugs and drug addiction
  • environmental affairs
  • European affairs
  • health technology
  • health and safety
  • human rights
  • law
  • medicine
  • microbiology
  • molecular biology
  • public health
  • soil science
  • general scientific research policy.

Our editors have excellent native English language skills and understand the importance of idiom as well as effective academic writing.

We are familiar in dealing with confidential material that is embargoed until a planned press or web publication date.

Dependent or dependant?
Adverse or averse?
Constitute or comprise?
Discreet or discrete?
Practise or practice?
We'll make the right choice. You can count on it.


Choose this service if you need documents, eBooks or web sites checked by professionals before final publication. We will assume that the material has already been copy-edited. If it hasn't then we recommend that you ask for a combined editing and proofreading service.

Our proofreaders are all fully trained.

We will check that your text makes sense (heath and health or eternal and external will all be correct to spell-checking software, which remains unable to understand context).

We will also check the consistency of contents lists, headings, and table and figure citations as well as examine your material for duplications and omissions.

Are you happy for that important report to say ruining the economy rather than running the economy? Did someone inadvertently write about censoring instead of censuring? Clients who use this service are often shocked by what we discover (but also extremely pleased that it isn't too late to put matters right). Proofreading is highly skilled work – it takes much more than the ability to spell in order to wield a red pen properly.