We’ve taken the Pledge

Scottish Business Pledge - Full RGB

Prepress Projects has just signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge, another sign of our commitment to good working practices and support for our employees. The Scottish Business Pledge was launched in May by the Scottish Government as part of a partnership between Government and business to support sustainable business growth in Scotland. It’s a voluntary commitment for companies in Scotland to … Read More

Style guides

Is it Star Trek into Darkness or Star Trek Into Darkness? This cartoon from XKCD may be an extreme example of uncertainty about style, but the full discussion shows what can happen if people don’t agree on applying firm rules. A while ago, some freelance editors we know on Twitter remarked that ‘data are’ looked wrong. In contrast, we are … Read More

REF and the pressure to publish

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is an exercise undertaken approximately every 5 years to evaluate the quality of research undertaken by higher education institutes in the UK. It allows UK higher education funding councils to determine the value of grants awarded to each institution. The last REF year was 2014 and the results can be found here. In the world of the … Read More

We are a Living Wage Employer

Staff members at Prepress Projects celebrate the joint achievement of Living Wage accreditation and ten years of Investors In People accreditation.

Prepress Projects has just been accredited as a Living Wage Employer. This means that everyone who works for us is guaranteed a living wage.