Our copy-editing tools

RhiannonCopy-editing, Word tools

Copy-editing is one of our core services. We pride ourselves on offering an efficient and thorough copy-editing service for any English-language document. So in addition to having a flexible crew of experienced editors on our staff, we use our own in-house suite of tools for Microsoft Word. We have been developing, improving and expanding these tools for years, with the … Read More

From pre-press to Prepress

ScottOur Company

I’ve worked in the printing and publishing industry in a variety of roles (including pre-press technician, troubleshooter, IT manager, trainer, consultant and part-time lecturer) since 1991. Having spent the earlier part of my career in various freelance and pre-press jobs, I moved into the world of newspapers at The Herald in Glasgow. I worked as a Mac support technician as … Read More

Our internship programme: recruitment

KatOur Company, Recruitment

Every year, as we emerge from winter, we welcome a blizzard of applications for our summer intern scheme. The internships we offer give a proper insight into real work at a publishing company, and they’re an incredibly useful way for us to find talented people. The internships are really popular – hardly surprising, as publishing is a highly competitive field. But it’s more than that. Here we treat interns like any other member of staff – there’s no incessant photocopying and no requirement to make the coffee!