Preventing peer review fraud

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At Prepress Projects, the editorial office team manage the peer-review process of a number of academic journals. We play a significant role in helping our journal editors find reviewers to evaluate submitted manuscripts. We abide by journal ethical guidelines to ensure we find qualified reviewers who will evaluate manuscripts fairly and honestly and without any conflict. We take great care … Read More

STEM heroine

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Ada Lovelace Day, when we are encouraged to celebrate women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), falls on 13 October this year. We work mostly in science and technology, but 14 October happens to be the birthday of a great female engineer: Victoria Drummond. Drummond was a native of our own county of Perthshire and became the UK’s first female … Read More

Managing peer review (Peer Review Week 2015)

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This week is Peer Review Week 2015. From Monday 28 September to 2 October, Wiley, ORCID, Sense about Science and Science Open have teamed up to celebrate peer review, highlight its importance in scientific communications and recognise the reviewers who commit so much of their time and effort to it. Managing the peer-review process is at the heart of what … Read More

We’ve taken the Pledge

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Scottish Business Pledge - Full RGB

Prepress Projects has just signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge, another sign of our commitment to good working practices and support for our employees. The Scottish Business Pledge was launched in May by the Scottish Government as part of a partnership between Government and business to support sustainable business growth in Scotland. It’s a voluntary commitment for companies in Scotland to … Read More