Starting at Prepress: Siân

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I begin writing this as the newest staff member at Prepress Projects, just 1 month after I started. I graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2017 with a degree in Molecular Biology. Next, I decided to start a PhD in a different field – proteomics in microbiology. For many reasons I made the difficult decision to leave this project, which meant I had to seriously think about my career path.

During this re-evaluation period, I was excited to take on a role as a freelance editor for a medical communications company. I was given work by the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Department, specifically editing journal articles in the areas of drug discovery, structural biology, pharmacokinetics and medicine. My goal in this role, at the time, was simply to keep in touch with science; little did I know that it would lead to much more. Though I had to juggle this role alongside another job, working in my free time and on my days off, what struck me was how much I enjoyed the work, and how much job satisfaction I got from it. I decided to see if these skills and interests in editing and publishing could be taken any further, and I started to look for jobs in this area. Now living in Perth, I learned about Prepress Projects and I made contact to enquire about any future positions that may be coming up. The timing was fortuitous, one thing led to another, and I am now a month into my new role as Project Editor.

My initial impression of Prepress Projects was how welcoming everyone was, and how prepared they were for my arrival, which is a really nice way to start a new job. From the outset I was part of group meetings and training, immediately feeling part of my team. My team works on the NIHR Journals Library, which allows me to utilise my previous editing experience and degree.

Regular meetings with my manager have been very constructive; I am given training, tasks and, most importantly, quick feedback on the work I have done. This feedback has aided my training and has made a positive impact on my progression. Another aspect that has really impressed me is how structured and targeted my training is. The training has been broken up into manageable tasks and objectives. Over the past few weeks I have received training and had practice in a few areas, already giving my work variety. What makes a difference is how clearly these segments of training fit into the overall picture and are building my skill set to fill the role as Project Editor.

Working in Prepress’s new open-plan working environment has also been a real positive of my first month. The office space creates a motivating environment and promotes work discussion among colleagues. The well-equipped kitchen allows for limitless hot drinks and snacks, an undeniable bonus. I have been invited to social events from the start, recently having attended ‘Payday Pints’ in The Capital Asset; and other events are already on the calendar.

I am excited about the opportunities that will undoubtedly come from working at Prepress Projects, and the journey along the way.