Our email addresses are changing

RhiannonBusiness update

The European Commission has declared that UK persons and businesses can no longer use .eu domains after 29 March 2019. Please see here (PDF) for more information. Because of this, the email addresses we have used for the past few years will become unavailable to us.

We are therefore changing our email addresses. The new pattern, consistent throughout the company, is firstname.lastinitial@prepress-projects.co.uk. If you are one of our current clients or suppliers, you will have been informed of this change already by email.

All emails from us, whether new or replies, from now on will come from our new addresses. We have put in place a transition programme to make it as easy as possible for your emails to reach us at our new addresses. There are two stages:

  1. For the time being, emails sent to our old .eu addresses will be forwarded automatically to the new .co.uk email addresses and will be received immediately by the intended recipient.
  2. We plan to discontinue the old addresses later this year. After that happens, emails sent to our old email addresses will generate an automatic reply advising the sender to resend their email to the intended recipient’s new address. The intended recipient at Prepress Projects will not receive the email until it is resent to the new email address.

Depending on the outcome of Brexit negotiations, .eu domains held by UK organisations could be revoked immediately on 29 March 2019, meaning that emails sent after that date to our prepress-projects.eu domain will not be delivered – and the sender may not even receive an undelivered notification. However, the domain might not be revoked on that date, and our automated replies could potentially continue until May 2020, when our .eu domain registration expires.

Please note that this change is being imposed upon us and is not something we would have chosen to put in place. It should not be seen as a reflection of our position on the European Union or Brexit.