Our business in Europe

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Today is Europe Day: the anniversary of the Schumann declaration in 1950, beginning the work towards the European Union as we know it.

At Prepress Projects we have many reasons to celebrate Europe and the European Union. Here’s a map showing some of them:

Our clients in Europe

Map data © 2016 Google, INEGI, ORION-ME

This map shows the location of some of our major recent and current clients. (That’s us in red in Scotland.) A large number of them are based in continental Europe. Our clients include several EU agencies (bodies set up under EU law to conduct research and provide policy guidance in specific areas) as well as other organisations in the public and private sectors.

Our work for EU agencies mostly involves editing text for publication – often research reports and policy documents. We make the text clearer and more consistent, ensuring it conveys the meaning the authors (often not native English speakers) intended. We lay out documents in attractive and easy-to-read designs, following the agency’s branding. We also write blog posts, news articles, and conference speeches and presentations.

It undoubtedly helps when tendering for EU agency work to be based in an EU Member State. Even based in a state with trade agreements with the EU, we would be at a disadvantage. For example, in some cases data protection clauses or confidentiality agreements in contracts effectively require us to ensure that the data for projects we work on always remain in the EU.

And our work for other, private and public sector, clients in the EU is made much easier by the single market – the principle of free trade on which the EU is based.

So it’s no surprise that, as a company, Prepress Projects is in favour of the UK remaining in the EU. It is simply business sense for us to want to stay in a system that increases our potential client base and allows us to do our job well.

Happy Europe Day!