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Publishing services for professionals

We make everything go smoothly,
from manuscript to finished product.

A complete publishing service

Books. Journals. Print. Digital. You can count on us for all forms of publishing.

Project management done right

We take pride in our work. That translates into going the extra mile for you.

Suppliers and workflows, managed for you

Printers. Web hosts. Typesetters. We will work with all your other suppliers to keep everything running smoothly.

When you need it fast

Rapid turnarounds. High quality.

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Editorial office. Managed.

We fit seamlessly into your organisation

Keeping you up to date

Proactive communication so you always know what’s going on.

Keeping everyone together

Authors, editors, reviewers: we co-ordinate them all.

A personal service

We are no faceless monolith. You can get to know our people and we’ll work to suit you.

We’ve got your back

Maternity cover, holiday cover, or just clearing your in-tray. We can fill your gaps and lift your load.

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Expert editing

Your manuscripts,
as you would like to have written them

Scientific knowledge

We specialise in scientific, technical and medical text. And we can do a pretty good job on everything else as well.

Attention to detail

Our experienced editors take the utmost care over your text.

Copy that fits

Articles, blog posts, reports, speeches: we research and write original copy for you.

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